Vick Khera vivek at
Fri Jan 14 08:41:33 PST 2011
On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 4:13 PM, Christopher Browne
<cbbrowne at> wrote:
> Behind by...
>   - >= 5 events
>   - >= 30 seconds

I like these two.

> Other Health Criteria
> - Is node there?
> - Is replication set there?
> - Is subscription active?
> - Run SQL, fail if ERROR

Doesn't "missing node" or "missing set" generally cause total abort
already?  Hmm. I guess it could be later in the script after stuff is
already done.

I worry aboutt "run SQL".  there would probably need to be some
foot-gun avoidance instructions of stuff not to do.  Perhaps it can
only be a SELECT (and your fault if you call a function with side

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