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Wed Jan 5 14:36:41 PST 2011
Raymond O'Donnell <rod at> writes:
> Hi all,
> I'm playing with Slony 2.0.4 on my Windows 7 laptop, trying to replicate 
> a toy database. I've been using the Slonik scripts in the docs as a 
> model. When I execute the script to start replication (see below), I get 
> the following message:
> c:\test-slony>slonik start.slonik
> start.slonik:27: NOTICE:  subscribe set: omit_copy=f
> start.slonik:27: NOTICE:  subscribe set: omit_copy=f
> CONTEXT:  SQL statement "SELECT  "_test_cluster".subscribeSet_int( $1 , 
> $2 ,  $3 ,  $4 ,  $5 )"
> PL/pgSQL function "subscribeset" line 68 at PERFORM
> I don't know if this is an error or not, but data seems to be getting 
> replicated from the master to the slave database. Here's the script - 
> line 27 is the "subscribe set" command:

It's not an error; it's debugging output that I had in the code when
working on the "OMIT COPY" feature.

Because people have gotten confused about this, I removed it from the
2.0 branch:;a=commit;h=f6deeb815d2739100bebd6a709b79b641a481387

You may safely ignore these NOTICE statements.  Once version 2.0.7 is
released, these debugging statements will not get generated anymore.
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