I. Reference

Table of Contents
slon --  Slony-I daemon
1. Logging
2. Connection settings
3. Archive Logging Options
4. Event Tuning
slonik --  Slony-I command processor
1. General outline
I. Slonik Meta Commands
SLONIK INCLUDE --  pulling in slonik code from another file
SLONIK DEFINE --  Defining a named symbol
II. Slonik Preamble Commands
SLONIK CLUSTER NAME --  preamble - identifying Slony-I cluster
SLONIK ADMIN CONNINFO --  preamble - identifying PostgreSQL database
III. Configuration and Action commmands
SLONIK ECHO --  Generic output tool
SLONIK DATE --  Display current date
SLONIK EXIT --  Terminate Slonik script with signal
SLONIK INIT CLUSTER -- Initialize Slony-I cluster
SLONIK STORE NODE --  Initialize Slony-I node
SLONIK DROP NODE --  Remove the node from participating in the replication
SLONIK UNINSTALL NODE --  Decommission Slony-I node
SLONIK RESTART NODE --  Restart Slony-I node
SLONIK STORE PATH --  Configure Slony-I node connection
SLONIK DROP PATH --  Delete Slony-I connection information
SLONIK STORE LISTEN --  Configure Slony-I node to indicate where to listen for events
SLONIK DROP LISTEN --  Eliminate configuration indicating how Slony-I node listens for events
SLONIK TABLE ADD KEY --  Add primary key for use by Slony-I for a table with no suitable key
SLONIK TABLE DROP KEY --  Removes a primary key added by TABLE ADD KEY
SLONIK CREATE SET --  Create Slony-I replication set
SLONIK DROP SET --  Discard Slony-I replication set
SLONIK MERGE SET --  Merge Slony-I replication sets together
SLONIK SET ADD TABLE --  Add a table to a Slony-I replication set
SLONIK SET ADD SEQUENCE --  Add a sequence to a Slony-I replication set
SLONIK SET DROP TABLE --  Remove a table from a Slony-I replication set
SLONIK SET DROP SEQUENCE --  Remove a sequence from a Slony-I replication set
SLONIK SET MOVE TABLE --  Move a table from one Slony-I replication set to another
SLONIK SET MOVE SEQUENCE --  Move a sequence from one Slony-I replication set to another
SLONIK STORE TRIGGER --  Indicate that a trigger should not be disabled by Slony-I on a subscriber node
SLONIK DROP TRIGGER --  Return a trigger to default behavior, where it will not fire on subscriber nodes
SLONIK SUBSCRIBE SET --  Start replication of Slony-I set
SLONIK UNSUBSCRIBE SET --  End replication of Slony-I set
SLONIK LOCK SET --  Guard Slony-I replication set to prepare for MOVE SET
SLONIK UNLOCK SET --  Unlock a Slony-I set that was locked
SLONIK MOVE SET --  Change origin of a Slony-I replication set
SLONIK FAILOVER --  Fail a broken replication set over to a backup node
SLONIK UPDATE FUNCTIONS --  Reload stored functions
SLONIK WAIT FOR EVENT --  Have Slonik script wait for previous event to complete
SLONIK REPAIR CONFIG --  Resets the name-to-oid mapping of tables in a replication set, useful for restoring a node after a pg_dump.
SLONIK SYNC --  Generate an ordinary SYNC event
SLONIK SLEEP --  Sleep using system sleep()
SLONIK CLONE PREPARE --  Prepare for cloning a node.
SLONIK CLONE FINISH --  Complete cloning a node.